brOARd Members

Would you like to become a member of a special group of supporters?

Receive exclusive fortnightly updates about what the Norfolk brOARds have been getting up to?

Hear how their training is going and where they are with the hunt for an elusive boat sponsor?

Perhaps you’d like to meet the ladies at exclusive supporter events?

Have your name displayed on their boat while the ladies are crossing the Atlantic?

Receive signed pictures of the brOARds when they eventually cross the finish line in Antigua?

Then why not become an exclusive BrOARd Member – Join our growing ‘Band of BrOARds’ – An exclusive 250 club for individuals or businesses.

We’re looking for 250 people to pay £250 each to join this exclusive club . In exchange, you’ll receive all these benefits, plus the added bonus of knowing that you’ve helped the brOARds do something really quite extraordinary. You will obviously also receive their eternal gratitude 😉

For more information, please email: