Become a BrOARd Member

No, we’re not looking for more rowers!

As adventures go, taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is not a cheap exercise. It’s said that half the battle is getting to the start line. There is a boat to be sourced and kitted out, safety and communications equipment to buy, water maker and stove, food for up to 90 days, flights and travelling etc – the list goes on. (It’s ok, we’ve got the bunting and the fairy lights….)

Whilst the brOARds are looking for corporate sponsors to help with the cost of their challenge, in exchange for raising awareness of their sponsors brand, in what has become a global event, it occurs to us that individuals may also want to be more closely involved.

Therefore we’re offering individuals the opportunity to become BrOARd Members – further details are available here. It’s a great chance to become more closely involved with the adventure and to get to know the girls better.