It’s rowing but not as we know it…

Rowing indoors. With water. Who knew that was a thing?

We had a fantastic visit to the Cambridge Rowing Tank, effectively for our lovely coach Lewis to teach us how to row…

Yes really!

Ok, we kind of knew how to row, what we mean is – row properly!

Lewis was amazingly patient with us while we got to grips with having two oars (a degree of co-ordination not usually required in a skiff), how to sit up to row, how to use our legs and core properly and much more besides.

It was deemed at the end of the two hour session that we were indeed rowing better than we had been at the start!

Even if we did look a little bemused for most of the session!

Huge thank you to Lewis for his time, coaching and patience. To Susan for taking the official photographs to prove that these girls can indeed row! Thanks also to Michael for organising the session and introducing us to Lewis. Lewis on the other hand might not thank you so much for that…! 😉

Lewis wondering what he’s got himself in to….