We want to put the extra in extraordinary
and we hope you want to be
part of our journey!

 Our journey from start to finish should be an incredible one. We aren't highly trained athletes. We are just three ordinary women from Norfolk. But what we do have is heart and the courage to see this through to the end!

We want to inspire others to try something new, takes them out of their comfort zone! THAT is what each of us wants as a legacy.

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Our Mission

We want to inspire others to challenge themselves by showing that ordinary people can do the most unbelievable things.

We want to be as competitive as possible, but we will not compromise on our friendship.

We want to train and educate others who are thinking of participating in future races.

We want to raise as much money and awareness for our chosen charities.

We want to make our row as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible.

We will limit our carbon footprint where we can and offset it with by tree planting where we can't.  Other steps we will take but not limited to:

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Eco Friendly

Only biodegradable or bamboo wipes and eco friendly products onboard. NO unnecessary/single use plastic. We will source and use alternatives if they are available.

No Antifoul on the boat

We see that it damages the surrounding wildlife to stop it from attaching to the bottom of the boat. We just have to get into the blue and clean it more often! 

Reusing Boat & Equipment

Boat and equipment will be kept and reused in future competitions and training, to offset the single use and the energy used in manufacturing.


All food packaging will be returned to the UK for recycling.


We have a variety of Sponsorship packages available. You could have your name on our sportswear, our oars and our boat!

We can tailor make any package to suit your needs!

Its not just the challenge but the run up too. We will be out on the water training, attending events where we can showcase our adventure and to celebrate those who have sponsored us!

You could be with us every stroke of the way....  so why not sponsor an oar...or two!
How about all six?

We want to work with you to showcase your brand to get maximum exposure!

Our boat will be our home for the entirety of the challenge.
More importantly, we will train in her, row in her, practice everything we will
need to make our journey a success.
So why not sponsor our boat!

We can utilise parts of the boat to give maximum exposure to your brand!
The cabins, the sides and hatchways can showcase your business perfectly!

Do you want : Regular blogs, photos and videos whilst we navigate our adventure?
Want corporate events to inspire and involve your staff? Branded clothing? Equipment sponsorship - You can even brand the bucket! Oar and boat branding?

We can deliver these and truly put you centre stage.
We can discuss these or any ideas you have for a truly unique
sponsorship designed specifically for you!

Click the link and find out about our range of Sponsorship Packages and how YOU can help us

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things”
Sir Edmund Hillary

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire
others to do.”